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When calculating a translation’s final cost, there is more to consider than just the per-word rate. If a translation isn’t top notch the first time, you can spend considerable time and money trying to get it right the second, or third time. The old adage is true “you get what you pay for”.
An Editext translation is proofread, edited, and corrected before you see it the first time. There are no hidden charges or add-ons; the per-word translation rate dictates the final cost.

Specialized service

Nobody is an expert in every field. All fields of government and industry have their own set of terms, definitions, and concepts. A translator needs in-depth knowledge to work in a field. Otherwise, critical terms and concepts can be misunderstood with your message being “lost in the translation”. At Editext, our service is specialized; we know our strengths and weaknesses. Our experience qualifies us to work in many fields, but not in every field. If we don’t have the knowledge to do a job, we’ll tell you. We’ll even help you find a qualified translation service. It’s all part of the Editext advantage.


The ability to meet tight deadlines, to make last minute changes, to work in the software applications of your choice are essential.
Editext has been meeting tight deadlines for over eighteen years. We can devote an experienced team of translators to your project. Our team uses current software on late-model hardware. We’re aware of translation’s pitfalls and problems, and we know how to avoid them. Editext has the flexibility to meet the needs of the most demanding client.

Partnership arrangement

In translation, there is a need for more than just a client-service relationship. A partnership arrangement can prevent errors due to misunderstandings, and ensure that the translated message is the original message.
At Editext, we believe in more than just a business relationship. We develop a partnership with our clients, built on loyalty and trust. We offer a personal touch, and our team works with you throughout a project to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our co-ordinators are your first point of contact. They receive and process each job, and are always current on its status and progress. You maintain contact with the translator, or translation team, throughout the project. If we can’t validate a concept or term through research, we’ll contact you directly. The Editext team leaves the guesswork out of translation. You also have ready access to our proofreaders and editors. Your goal and our goal are one and the same, an outstanding translation. By working together as partners, we will achieve our common goal.

Terminology database

Your translation service must create a terminology database of the terms, titles, and technical jargon common to your field. Otherwise, there will be consistency problems in word usage.
Editext develops a comprehensive terminology database for every client. The database grows with each project, and helps maintain consistency in word use and style. Editext makes this terminology database available to you, at no additional charge.


The issue of accountability can be critical with translated communication. Your translation service must be willing to accept the responsibility for their work. Editext stands behind every document. We take full responsibility for our work. You will never get weak excuses, or lame explanations. We also provide the security that you need. We guarantee our work, and your satisfaction.