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The Editext Team

Editext translators are carefully selected for their language skills, a commitment towards excellence, and their ability to work under pressure on a team. Our diverse backgrounds ensure that a broad range of skills, knowledge, and expertise are readily available. We work only from our second language into our mother tongue. All team members receive extensive training throughout their careers in their areas of expertise, technology-based tools, research techniques, and writing styles. When a junior translator joins the team, a partnership is formed with a senior translator. Together, they collaborate on their projects, and all of their work receives a thorough review from Editext’s senior editors. Junior translators, who are not yet certified, hone their skills with the goal of passing the provincial certification examination. Our team-based approach ensures the highest quality work that is always accurate, consistent, and seamless.

Editext Expertise

To provide outstanding linguistic services, you need in-depth knowledge of the subject, and a thorough understanding of both the source and destination languages. Editext has developed the expertise to meet the translation requirements of a wide variety of Government departments and agencies, industrial sectors, business interests, research institutions, the arts communities, and education.

The Editext Advantage

There are many linguistic and translation services, ranging from home-based self-employed, to multinational corporations. How can you select a service that is right for you?
There are seven key factors to consider when choosing a translation service: cost, quality, knowledge and expertise, flexibility, partnership arrangement, terminology database, and accountability. These seven critical factors comprise the Editext advantage, making Editext the ideal choice for all your translation requirements